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Do you want to lose weight? .. Do you have cellulite?

How many pounds do I have to lose and how long will it take to do it? .. Shall I make it? .. These are the questions that always let us start diets tomorrow and give them up the day after tomorrow!!

...It takes perseverance, sacrifice and method to lose pounds ... the first and the last pounds always are the hardest to be lost. That’s why lots of ... 'lazy people' ... start low-calorie diets with the best intentions, but very soon give way to the temptations of a sandwich, an appetizer or a pizza with friends, or just a soda drink.  .. Temptations that cancel in a while days and weeks of rigorous and arduous dieting.

Traditional low-calorie diets, while giving good results in the long term, are generally very hard to follow and must be continued for long periods. Often a lack of motivation occurs because weight loss is mostly insignificant in the short term, generally about one pound a week. A patient who has to lose 15 to 20 pounds has little incentive to continue the diet for 4 to 5 months to reach the ideal weight. Furthermore, it is necessary strictly control your food intake. You have to weigh your food and control the list of food that is prohibited during the diet.

Often you do not have the time to cook steamed vegetables because you work all day. You are too tired at night to think about cooking boiled chicken breast for the next day. You are easily led to 'nibble' meals, foods that are not allowed like a potato chip and chocolate. But this kind of food is forbidden, so every time you fail you have to start it up again !!

You can not go to dinner with friends because you're on a diet and you're not a good company. But for how long? Then there's the gym, for tonifying the abdomen and chest, but you don’t have have time enough for the gym, because there' s your family, kids, your job. It is usually assumed that pounds lost a long time ago one does not regain, but who manages to face months of sacrifice and strict low-calorie diets?

Some people succeed, many do not and the more they try to lose weight, the more they can not. They continue to accumulate pounds and pounds, each time they are more disappointed because this is often accompanied by a sense of failure and lack of confidence in themselves.

Today we can help you. Let’s Start with Diet Tube! Diet Tube is not a diet, it is a fast protocol to resume a happy, healthy life, without sacrifice. We ask only 10 days of your life, to change your life. It's not a lot!!

Diet tube is the beginning of a weight loss program and a treatment to eliminate cellulite and localized fat, which will teach you to eat, without regaining the lost pounds and to maintain the body contouring achieved. Our protocol has a period ranging from 5 to 15 days of protein ketogenic enteral feeding through a thin nasogastric tube connected to a mini-pump and a bag with a proteic nutrition. This nutrition is countinuosly perfused in the stomach 24 hours per day. During the period of enteral feeding a weight loss ranging from 8 to 10% of initial body weight for men and 6 to 8% for women is guaranteed. Weight loss is only of fat mass, loss of muscle mass does not occur.
After the first phase of treatment with the enteral tube (the duration of this first phase is decided with our doctors, depending on the individual needs of the patient ), a period of two weeks of balanced diet will start. These two weeks are important also for learning ‘to eat healthy ', with a further weight loss up to 4%..

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