Nine factors that lead to obesity

In most cases obesity is due to wrong and excessive food intake, plus an inadequate physical activity. It is also true, that sometimes there are other causes that lead to obesity and these are either genetic, medical or psychiatric disorders. A study by American scientists in 2006 (Keith SW, Redden DT, Katzmarzyk PT, "Putative Contributors to the Secular Increase in Obesity: Exploring the roads less traveled") refers to at least 10 other factors that may potentially have contributed to the large increase of obesity in the world in recent years and they are the following:

1 - lack of sleep

2 - endocrine disorders caused by environmental pollution substances that interfere with the metabolism of lipids

3 - Decrease of the change in the ambient temperature

4 - reduction of the number of smokers. Smoking although very dangerous, is known to decrease appetite

5 - Increased use of medications that can cause weight gain (for example atypical antipsychotics)

6 - Increase of the proportional weight in certain groups of people of the same ethnic race and of the same age

7 - Increase in pregnancies in women at a high age (with consequent risk of obesity to the child)

8 - Presence of risk factors for obesity passed down genetically

9 - Natural Selection for a higher than average Body Mass Index

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