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Dr. Brighetti Ambulatory
Dr. Brighetti Ambulatory
address: Via Dell'Indipendenza 74, 40100 Bologna - Italy Tel.: (+39) 051 4222183 Fax: (+39) 051 245954

The opportunity to rejuvenate your face or to remodel their silhouette through a very wide spectrum of techniques and treatments, ranging from bio-revitalizing lift up to the most complete and the Intra-Lipoterapia Liposculpture 3D.

The philosophy of our team is not as a chance to interpret these individual procedures, but as a continuum of interventions synergy between them.

This integrated approach is a result of more professionals specializing in different fields, and allows the 360 ​​degrees of our patients.

In an era of "cream lifting effect" and "sera filler effect", we provide expertise and professionalism in the search for real and tangible results

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