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Nutritional Protocol for the reduction of overweight, obesity and cellulite.

 "Ten days of your life.. to change your life!"

DIET TUBE protocol is the result of a careful examination of numerous clinical studies on the so-called “Ketogenic Diet” (Ketogenic Diet, see bibliography) and on the treatment of obesity and localized fatty deposits carried out worldwide over the years with different methods. The undisputed pride of the Italian medical science with clinical experience and scientific studies is the refined treatment Diet Tube protocol that has curative effects on overweight, obesity and cellulite either localized or diffused.  The DIET TUBE protocol begins with a careful clinical evaluation of the individual patient, prior to their inclusion in therapy and continues with a medical and psychological assistance in the maintenance period and in the period of nutritional education.


Diet Tube protocol is a nutritional regimen divided into three stages.

first stage:
10-12 days of enteral feeding over a transparent small pediatric nasogastric tube (2 mm), with an acqueous solution of essential aminoacids, vitamins and minerals (Diet Tube formula) directly into the stomach. The nasogastric tube is used for 10 days and up to 12 days in the case of major obesity.
second stage:
nasogastric tube removal and 7 day period of diet with proteic food, meat and fish and Diet Tube supplement.
third stage:
7 day period of balanced low-calorie diet (50% carbohydrate, 35% proteins and 15% lipids) to completes the cycle.

Diet Tube protocol allows a loss of fat mass varying from 7 to 10% of body weight during the first 10 days, and a further 2-3% within the two following weeks of proteic and low calories food regimen. The unique contribution of protein (essential amino acids), and the lack of carbohydrates, activates the mechanism of lipolysis that leads to weight loss through the loss of fat, mantaining the muscle mass.  Diet Tube program starts with an accurate  medical consultation and the evaluation of some required blood tests. Any treatment already in progress (for heart disease, hypertension, endocrine disorders, etc.) should generally be continued. Possible changes or suspensions must be agreed with the medical center, and the specialist who has prescribed the treatment.

In cases of important obesity, requiring a weight loss of 80 to 100 pounds, the full Diet Tube protocol can be repeated up to 4 times. These cases require careful monitoring of the patient treatment, which can be subjected to a specific DIET TUBE personal protocol with targeted medical controls (blood tests,  diagnostic controls), before, during and after the nutritional  program. The Treatment of obesity, by reducing the risks of lots of diseases (heart, bloody vessels,  respiratory system,  endocrine system,  musculoskeletal system,) means to improve health, quality of life and personal and self esteem. The important contribution of protein maintains muscle tone, improves the quality and elasticity of the skin, allowing a total body sculpturing. Diet Tube  treatment is  usually contraindicated in renal failure, pregnancy, and in patients under 14 years of age.

The first part of  Diet Tube  program (enteral nutrition) lasts  up to 10 days.
In this period protein nutrition, without any sugar, will cause the body to draw all necessary energies from the consumption of fat tissue.
A continuous protein feeding through the pump mantains a stable level of ketone bodeis, allowing the organs to keep a constant blood level of insulin.
This is not achievable in other proteic nutritional methods to lose weight, simply based on food taken orally.
This type of metabolisms produces an excess of substances in our blood, called ketones, which, in addition to inhibiting any sense of hunger, generate a sense of well being.
This status allows the patient to tolerate without sacrifice the period of 10 days during which, in addition to nutrition introduced by the tube, the patient is requested not to eat and to drink only water (in the quantity of 2 litres a day), tea or coffee absolutely sugar free. No other  food is allowed.
With this method patient can fast lose weight, body fat, in a percentage that varies  from 7 to 10% of initial body weight, in a period of 10 days.Body lean mass doesn’t decrease.

Positioning of  gastric tube takes a few seconds, it is absolutely painless and does not produce troublesome symptoms during or after application.  During tube placement the patient is sitting upright and is invited to drink with a straw in small sips of cold water. The doctor who es wearing sterile gloves quickly introduces the tube through the nose, until it reaches the stomach. A mark on the tube confirms the right lenght of the tube in the stomach and ensures proper placement. The spindle guide from the tube is removed.

In a a few minutes the patient will have no foreign body sensation in the throat and nose.

 The tube is then fixated with an transparent tape, to the  face (high cheekbones) and behind the ear. Then it is  attached to a ring of silicone, connected to the nutrient container. This connection passes through a peristaltic pump that provides perfusion of the product, through the tube directly ,into  the stomach of the patient. The pump and container will be brought along by the patient in a bag,  either a shoulder bag or a backpack during the ten days of treatment. Infusion can be detached from the pump, disconnecting the fitting of the tube, for a maximum of 2 hours per day for bathing, showering, swimming, etc.

At this point a nurse will explain the patient how to handle the Diet Tube products  by itself:  aminoacid powder (solution preparation), enteral feeding bag (container where the prepared solution will be poured),  feeding-pump (electric appliance that, once programmed, will provide the correct amount of solution). From this moment on the system will be turned on and the Diet Tube program starts. Any therapies already in progress (for heart disease, hypertension, endocrine disorders, etc.)  can generally be continued. Possible changes or suspensions should absolutely be agreed with the medical center or the specialist who has prescribed them.


The pump and container will be brought along by the patient in a bag, either a shoulder bag or a backpack during the ten days of treatment. Infusion can be deteached from the pump, disconnecting the fitting of tube, for a maximum of 2 hours per day for bathing, showering, swimming, etc.

The Diet Tube nutrition is a powder, completely soluble in water, colourless and tasteless, which is in the class of counter protein supplements with potassium and vitamins, indicated in cases of reduced dietary intake or in case an increase in the demand for these nutrients is needed.
It is Produced in Italy, according to EEC standards, and the United States of America (for countries outside the European headquarters of  DIET TUBE medical cetres). It is not a drug but a food supplement specifically designed to have a high solubility, allowing it to pass through the 2mm thin tube .

The amount of food to be administered every day during the Diet Tube treatment cycle is calculated on the basis of the anthropometric data of the patient. Small changes may be done  according to particular physical daily tasks (work, gym, sports) of each patient.
The solution has to be prepared, with the right amount of protein to be mixed and poured into 2 liters of drinking water.
The infusion should be continued for 24 hours, with the parameters that are set by the medical staff of DIET TUBE centres, to maintain consistently low levels of insulin and raise the level of Glucagon and Growth Hormone.
In addition to the solution administered by the tube, the patient must take daily drugs for stomach protection (proton pump inhibitors like lansoprazole, omeprazole, pantoprazole) and a  multivitaminics. In addition, every 2 to 3 days patients have to take a laxative, in order to maintain bodily functions. All of these drugs will be prescribed by the doctor of Diet Tube center, according to each patient personal needs. The pump can be turned off and disconnected for up to 2 hours per day for bathing, showering etc.


Usually, within 24 to 48 hours after the start of therapy, the patient ketone bodies production by the consumption of fat starts to increase and the patient can benefit from the effects generated by this metabolic state, loss of hunger sensation, a general sense of well being, improvement of mood and increased dynamism, together with a fast and steady loss of weight and inches of body circumference. Achievement of an increase in ketone bodies must be proved by urinary tests done daily by the patient at home (Keturah Test). If ,in the course of therapy, the patient assumes any kind of sugar or carbohydrates, this metabolic state immediately ends, with negative effects on loss hunger sensation and of course on body weight loss. In this case the patient takes about 24 hours to get back into this ketogenic metabolic state.

The treatment of a medical condition such as obesity leads to an improvement in general health, with a gradual improvement of  dysmetabolic  diseases  such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia or  other diseases such as hypertension and heart diseases related to it, or the symptoms of degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis.
DIET TUBE treatment is very versatile in its  protocols, and allows a quick and comprehensive improvement of forms and proportions of the body, and a visible reduction in the so-called "cellulite".


This type of diet may in some individuals, cause an excess of stomach acid causing symptoms of gastritis (occasional heartburn), despite being prescribed antacids for protection. During the period of Diet Tube enteral nutrition the patient doesn’t assume fibers of any kind, and therefore there is no residual waste in the intestines. This phenomenon can cause constipation, so accordingly to the protocol, it is necessary to use laxatives. During the first stage of therapy with enteral feeding with the tube, moderate physical activity is recomended.
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